A Letter from Heaven

I watched you brush aside a tear
You looked so sad, but then you smiled
The Lion King was on the TV
And as I listened, you talked to me

I had settled in your lap by then…
You know, I never could resist
Snuggled safely in your loving arms
I reached up to give you a kiss

And I wished away the tears you cried
You looked so sad, but then you danced
As Timon and Pumba sang my favorite song
To “The Jungle Song”, we moved along

Suddenly you fell silent
Once again your eyes welled red
And as if by chance you spoke out loud:
“I still love you, Jason” is what you said

I can feel the pain that haunts you
And I know you try to understand
But your questions have no answers
At least none that you could comprehend

What keeps hurting you the most, I know:
You need to realize I am still O.K.
Please be strong and keep the Faith
We will all be together again someday

Keep me close at heart and pray for me
Throughout the years to follow
And turn those frowns upside down
I want to bring you happiness, not sorrow

Learn to listen with your heart
And rely less upon your ears
Only then will you recognize my voice
Behind those special feelings we still share…

By Jason (with Daddy’s help…)
May 9th to August 09, 1998

Modified: July 10, 2000 to August 24, 2000