Ladybug Stories

This is a tribute to Jason for all the Ladygug’s (as he called them:) he tried to save by putting them outside when he found them in the house. Help a Ladygug outside for Jason!

Ladybugs have a way of appearing when we visit places. The picture to the left was taken by my sister Karen. There is a ladybug on Dylan’s hat. We were watching a band on the beach of Ocean View in Norfolk, Va. during the July 4th celebration. This ladybug kept appearing over and over again. We would let it fly away, then it was back again. Jason’s brothers smiled and said, “Jason is letting us know again that he’s here with us.” When we were about a block away from the beach on our way home, we noticed the ladybug was sitting back on my shoulder! This tends to happen a lot. So, we would like to thank our Jason for letting us know you are still with us!

June 24, 2001: We went to New York to visit my sister’s new baby. During the visit, a conversation with my Dad came up about Brett and Dylan’s asthma and when it started. When I started telling him that it was when Brett and Dylan went into the hospital one week after Jason passed away they developed asthma….my sister Karen said, “Pam, there’s a ladybug in your hair! Jason is here!”. It just amazed us all. It still happens to this day. When we do special things or talk about Jason…there is a ladybug. Jason’s way of letting us know he is with us.

January 28, 2016:  Since my post here in 2001, ladybug’s have continued to visit me.  I can be out on the beach here in Florida and all of a sudden a ladybug lands on me.  Such a strange place for a ladybug so I know it’s Jason showing me he is still with me.  When ever I’m having a rough time, caught deep in my thoughts, again, a ladygug.  When my son and his girlfriend went to drive down here from Connecticut, a ladybug appeared to them.  I continue to love and cherish whenever I see one.  I know in my heart our loved ones are around us especially when we are having a hard time or even during joyous times because they want us to know…. they know.  Next time you see a ladybug…. say hi to Jason for us.

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